Bread Making 102 (Advanced)
10:00 am10:00

Bread Making 102 (Advanced)

  • Camas Country Mill Bakery and Store

Cost: $85 per person

This is an advanced class in baking naturally leavened breads at home. This class is strongly based off of the 101 class, building off of what we covered on flour characteristics, maintaining your sourdough starter (mother), and hand mixing. We will be building on everything from the many uses of our flours, to scoring and baking in different ways. I encourage you to take the first class if you are unfamiliar with our products, and not confident in your baking 100% naturally leavened breads.

Breads we will make:



Toasted Porridge Bread


Topics covered:

  • A closer look at different flours and grains
  • Fresh milling flour
  • High hydration levains and doughs
  • Shaping, Shaping, Shaping
  • Getting to know the couche


This is an RSVP event only! Please email for more info and to reserve your spot.

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Bread Making 101
8:00 pm20:00

Bread Making 101

  • Camas Country Mill Bakery and Store

Cost: $65 per person

This is an introduction to baking naturally leavened breads at home. This class is a lecture/observation based class, with a few chances to get your hands doughy. Naturally leavened breads are most commonly known as ‘sourdough’. This is an ‘old world’ method of leavening breads without the use of commercial or instant yeast. The long fermentation of naturally leavened breads, gives the wild yeast, in the starter/sourdough culture, a chance to breakdown the complex proteins of wheat. This makes it easier for our bodies to digest while also preserving all the good stuff, vitamins and minerals!!


Topics covered:

  •    Milling, assessing grains and flour qualities  
  •    How to maintain a sourdough starter
  •    Hand mixing, folding, shaping
  •    Proofing and retarding naturally leavened breads
  •    Baking in a dutch oven, on a stone, and a wood fired oven

Rough Timeline:

10am – Welcome/Intro and flour talk

11am – Meet your mother and mixing dough

1230pm – Cutting, pre-shaping, and forming loaves

1pm – Lunch Break

2-4pm – Oven talk and baking loaves


There are no future scheduled Bread 101 Classes as of now, But you can sign up here to get on our mailing list for future classes!